About Us

Delivering results in telecommunications cost reduction

The first thing you need to know about us is that we are different, and that’s not something we say, its what our clients constantly say to us.

We are different from all the other Managed Service Providers and Consultants you have ever dealt with, why, because we work for you to achieve results for you.

We have a long and esteemed track record of achieving fantastic results for our clients during our almost 50 years of operation because we are independent and not beholding to any Carrier. This means we can make recommendations to benefit you without fear or favour, something any organisation affiliated with a Carrier can never do. Engaging with us will ultimately lead to lower overall costs and highest possible value from your overall telecoms expenditure.

Another thing you need to understand about our business is what we say we do. Ethical dealings with all our clients are paramount to us, this is evidenced by the number of Clients that have had long term associations with us.

If you want a Fixed Price, no problems, we will deliver to an agreed Scope of Work, and we won’t be coming back week after week with Contract Variations for things that are “out of scope”. We understand that minor refinements need to happen in any project or engagement, that is why we use a flexible delivery model to accommodate such minor changes, without asking you for more money to do the things you thought you were getting in the first place.

In fact, in over 20 years we have honoured every fixed price contract we been engaged on. It’s not your problem if we under quote, as experts, we know how long things take and include all known factors in our fixed price quotes.

In almost 50 years and 3,000 Client engagements we have built an enviable reputation as experts in telecoms. If we offer you a service, you can be sure you are in safe hands and we have skills and experience that you can rely on. If you promise you that we will use senior resources, that’s what we do and what you should expect.

We get things done, just because we are not affiliated with any Carrier it doesn’t mean we don’t get things done. On the contrary, we stand proudly behind our extensive written SLAs and report on these each month. You won’t find us hiding behind thin excuses, if it can be done, we will do it.

So now you know about us, we are different, we are independent, what we say we do, if you want a fixed price — no problem. We also have a great deal of experience in telecoms in Australia, we get things done and deliver to SLAs, it’s as simple as that.

Meet the team

Brian Stevens

Managing Director

Dave Street

Principal Consultant

Alex Nadeau

General Manager

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Viet Tu Vu

Service Desk Manager

Cathy Li

TEMS Manager

Mike Ryder

Business Development Manager

Tom Mooney

Account Manager