Pay less, get more from your telecoms

It’s that simple. Let us help you decipher your telecommunications costs, avoid unnecessary charges and make cost-effective decisions about your telecoms spend. It’s telecoms expense management (TEM) and we do it all, for you.

in realised savings for our clients so far this year
$ 0 M

What could you save?

$100M savings

Our clients saved ~$100M over 24 months.


Our average return on investment is $28 for every $1 spent with us.

200 hours

Our clients not only save money, but time too - estimated over 200 hours per year

Benefits to you

Bill validation & dispute management

Our validation tools identify billing issues & we dispute these directly with your service provider. Our record in money recovering is second to none!

Service & cost

Our tools and processes identifying ways to optimise your service plan and highlight opportunities to reduce your ongoing costs.

A single source of truth

View organisation-wide information from every account, service and carrier you use in a single database.

Direct support

With your own client manager, support is only a call away. You’re also connected with our Support Team via a 1300 number, email, service portal & live chat.

Any bill, any carrier

We have bill importers for all major carriers in Australia so we can import your bills (and back bills if available) quickly so your system is up and going as quickly as possible.

Detailed & customised reporting

Access 100's of reports through our automated tools and dedicated analysts. Need a specialist report? We will customise a bespoke solution and also receive monthly analytics directly form us.

Complete independence,
for your peace of mind

We are 100% independent, which means our advice is for your benefit – not any carrier’s.

If your telecom management services are provided by a major carrier, you might be letting the fox guard the henhouse.

The 6-step TeleResult TEM process

Initial discovery session

We assess your telecommunications environment to understand your challenges. This includes delving into your services, contracts, vendors and usage patterns.

01 6-step TeleResult TEM_teleresult
Defining your objectives

Together we define clear objectives and goals. This could include cost optimisation, invoice management, contract negotiation and inventory management.

02 6-step TeleResult TEM_teleresult
Contract & SLA negotiation

We define our contract terms and service level agreements (SLAs), detailing the responsibilities of both parties, expected outcomes, performance metrics, and pricing structure.

03 6-step TeleResult TEM_teleresult
Data collection & analysis

We collate your telecom invoices, contracts, and usage data, and analyse it to identify cost-saving opportunities, billing errors, redundant services, and areas for optimisation.

04 6-step TeleResult TEM_teleresult
TEMS platform set up

We configure your TEMS platform according to your unique requirements and integrate it with you existing systems, if needed.

05 6-step TeleResult TEM_teleresult
Training & education

It’s time for your team to upskill. We provide training to your staff on how to use the TEMS platform effectively, interpret reports, and take advantage of cost-saving recommendations.

06 6-step TeleResult TEM_teleresult

Find your prefect fit:

Solutions scaled to your business needs

TEM service
TEM service
GL rebilling
Premium usage
SaaS TEM platform
Bill management (bill acquisition & import)
Monthly meetings
Dedicated client manager
Assistance with your carriers (including attending meetings)
Inventory management
TEM service desk support
Order/cancellation management
Analytics & telecoms intelligence
Contract management
Usage management
Financial management
Service & cost optimisation
Dispute management
Asset management tools & Saas module
Staff management tools & SaaS module
MDM information import
Rebilling of services through customised GL uploads
Usage reporting between billing cycles
Proactive plan management
Integration of active WAN services with carrier bills
WAN to carrier billing reconciliation reporting


What are you paying your Telco?

What is the market rate?

The 2024 complete guide to understanding market rate trends & costs.

It’s not me, it’s you.

Thinking of breaking up with your current TEM provider?

We can make your fresh start with us a breeze. We’ve transitioned many large corporate and government clients onto our TEM platform.

Our significant experience means we know how to minimise impacts on your team as we transition your services.


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