Do You Urgently Need Fully-Secured Mobile Devices?

Do You Urgently Need Fully-Secured Mobile Devices?

In today’s post-covid landscape, our mobile devices are powerful tools for communication and productivity; but a very real side-effect is the growing target of mobile devices for cyber-attacks, on personal and company information. Recent market reports paint a concerning picture:

Rising Malware Incidents: More than 52% of organizations experienced malware incidents on remote devices, marking a 41% increase from the previous year.

Continued Access Despite Compromise: Shockingly, after being compromised by mobile malware, 37% of users continued accessing corporate emails, and 11% accessed cloud storage.

Persistent Security Vulnerabilities: 28% of organizations regularly used operating systems with known security vulnerabilities.

Platform Vulnerabilities: While Android devices are more prone to vulnerable apps, iOS has also witnessed significant security breaches.

Password Data Leakage: Alarmingly, 15% of organizations had devices with apps leaking password data, a concerning rise from previous years.

With these threats looming, it’s crucial to debunk the misconception that Mobile Device Management Systems (MDM) provide comprehensive protection. MDMs only shield devices, leaving content vulnerable, especially during transit. So, what are the risks that MDMs fail to address?

Escalated Privileges & Outdated OSs: Vulnerabilities persist due to outdated operating systems.

Malware and Risky Applications: Devices are susceptible to malware and unsafe apps.

Man-in-the-Middle Attacks: Threats lurk in transit, waiting to intercept sensitive data.

Phishing Threats: Known and zero-day phishing threats persistently target users.

Sensitive Data Loss: Exfiltration attacks threaten sensitive data and user privacy.

With the rise of remote work, ensuring device security becomes even more critical. A notable increase in connections to inappropriate content during office hours underscores the importance of safeguarding devices against misuse.

Legislation also underscores the importance of data security. The Australian Government’s Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme mandates organisations to notify individuals affected by data breaches, with hefty fines for non-compliance.

In response to these challenges, TeleResult have developed a solution. By installing software to safeguard content both at rest and in transit, along with enforcing access policies, organisations can mitigate risks effectively. This service, fully managed and optimised, not only enhances security but can also lead to reduced mobile bills, as carriers subsidise the costs.

The imperative to secure mobile devices has never been more urgent. By leveraging comprehensive protection measures without incurring additional expenses, your organisation can navigate the evolving threat landscape with confidence, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.


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