Mobile mayhem?
Let’s tame the chaos

Overwhelmed managing the ever-increasing number of smartphones and tablets across your workforce? TeleResult’s Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution is your secret weapon.

Imagine seamless deployments, ironclad security, detailed tracking and happy employees.

All managed effortlessly

Benefits to you

Mobile fleet management

Let us manage and simplify your mobile management, from pre-staging services, to repairs and ownership transfer – and everything in between.

Mobile device
management (MDM)

Use your existing Microsoft Intune licenses to get a fully managed service. This service also works for BYO environment and mixed Corporate/BYO environments.

Mobile application
management (MAM)

Need support delivering custom apps to your end users? Our two MAM service level options, Basic and Advanced, let you select your support level needed.

Mobile security management

Access best of breed technology, overlayed with our comprehensive management services. Real time threat detection, reporting and bad behaviour blocking are among the many features you’ll benefit from.

Simplified procurement

Realise the benefits of a mobility procurement system designed to simplify processes and reduce internal supports. Customised products and services catalogues let you to order from any of your providers, at any time.

System integration

Our powerful systems integrated with your existing systems will deliver you incredible value. We work with you to determine the level of integration possible – and make it happen.

Experience superior service

Support is a tap,
call, or click away

Instantly access dedicated sup-port with our 1300 number, email support, service portal & live chat.

Workflows that
work for you

Realise the benefits of full visibil-ity of the status of any order or change request.

See your data sing

Make informed decisions with monthly reports that tell a story - and help you save big.

The 6-step TeleResult EMM process

Initial discovery session

We assess your mobile device environment to understand your needs, compliance requirements & risk. This includes reviewing into your devices, applications, policies, security protocols, and usage patterns

Defining your objectives

Together, we define clear objectives and goals. This could include configuring and setting up new devices, application management, security enforcement, expense management, and user support.

Contract & SLA negotiation

We define our contract terms and service level agreements (SLAs), detailing the responsibilities of both parties, expected outcomes, performance metrics, and pricing structure.

Data collection & device enrolment

We collate information on your mobile devices, including types, models, operating systems, and user assignments. Then, we enrol your devices into our platform for to manage them centrally and ensure your policies are enforced.

Policy Configuration & Enforcement

Based on your security and compliance requirements, we configure your device management policies. This may include password policies, encryption settings, device restrictions, and remote wipe capabilities.

Application management

We implement application management policies to govern the deployment, configuration, and security of mobile apps used within the organisation.

This may involve app distribution, license management, app configuration, and app security measures.

Security Assessment and Implementation

We assess you mobile security strength and introduce necessary security measures to protect against threats including malware, data breaches, and unauthorised access.

Ongoing support & optimisation

We provide training to your team on secure mobile use within your EMMS framework and offer ongoing support. And we continuously monitor your EMMS solution performance and mobile devices to look for improvements

Find your perfect fit:

Solutions scaled to your business needs

Mobile Service Assistance (MAS) Mobile Fleet Management (MFM) Mobile Device Management (MDM)*
L2 & L3 service desk support
Features & barring assistance
International roaming assistance
Service (SIM) activation assistance
PIN/PUK code assistance
Carrier warranty repair assistance
SIM re-burn assistance
Temporary suspension assistance
Transfer of ownership assistance
Ordering portal (carrier agnostic)
Order processing on carrier portals
L1 end user service desk support
Asset management tools (TEM)
Pre-staging services
Advanced stock & asset management services
Full repairs and warranty claims Service
Mobile fleet order management
Mobile & accessories catalogue
Ordering workflow & approvals
Technology & handset recommendations
L1, L2, L3 MDM support
MDM platform management
MDM User onboarding and management
MAM configuration and deployments
Full enrolment user guides
Management of third-party platforms
*Excludes any EMS license, implementation, and integration costs

It’s not me, it’s you.

Thinking of breaking up with your current EMM provider?

We can make your fresh start with us a breeze. We’ve transitioned many large corporate and government clients onto our EMM platform.

Our significant experience means we know how to minimise impacts on your team as we transition your services.


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