TeleResult Acquires CDRU

TeleResult Acquires CDRU

From left to right: CEO of CDRU Kristian Hanlon shaking hands with TeleResult Managing Director Alex Nadeau.

In a strategic move poised to reshape the telecommunications landscape, industry leader TeleResult has finalised its acquisition of CDRU, a prominent consultancy focused on strategic sourcing, transformation, strategy solutions, and IT financial management.

This landmark deal amalgamates over seven decades of collective industry expertise, offering enterprises a dynamic alternative to established industry giants.

The acquisition significantly expands TeleResult’s consultancy capability, enabling the company to offer a complete telecoms transformation solution.

Speaking on the synergies of the two companies, Kristian Hanlon, CEO of CDRU, says “CDRU’s significant depth of experience and capability in strategic sourcing, benchmarking and IT financial management will complement and supplement TeleResult’s services.”

“For organisations looking for an end-to-end solution, the partnership will see CDRU consultants offer their clients a tailored pathway to reduce organisational costs, with TeleResult providing the full suite of services and products to fully realise these savings.”

Industry significance: meeting market demand

Alex Nadeau, Managing Director of TeleResult, “The partnership will give our sector a much-needed shakeup, giving government and large organisations a holistic solution that offers unmatched value.”

According to Nadeau, the move is reflective of an industry-wide demand for alternative solutions, saying “In recent years, large consultancies, notably the ‘Big Four’ accounting firms, have faced criticism for governance lapses.

“Recognising the shifting landscape, government agencies and large corporations are increasingly turning to smaller, more specialised partners like TeleResult and CDRU.

“Clients in our sector want more cost-effective solutions, to be working with experienced senior consultants, and – ideally – to see just one provider when it comes to enhancing business processes and reducing costs through strategic sourcing, transformation, strategy solutions, and IT financial management.

“With a combined 70 years of industry experience, TeleResult and CDRU are uniquely positioned to meet this urgent need,” he says.

Addressing technological advances

Looking ahead, Kristian Hanlon points to rapid technological advancements driving change within the sectors CDRU and TeleResult work across.

“Our partnership with TeleResult equips us to navigate these shifts and provide clients with a rounded capability,” says Hanlon. “As the sector embraces AI and other emerging technologies, our aim is to support clients in mitigating risks and uncertainties associated with technology adoption.”

“This is an exciting time for us – and the sector. We look forward to maintaining our role as a trusted advisor to our clients as we support them in navigating this changing landscape,” says Hanlon.



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